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MACA Rider Tip # 1


This is an awesome photo of reigning women’s Motocross champion and GMR Motorex KTM racer Kristy Gillespie testing and training in the lead up to major events for the season.

As you can see, Kristy is carrying a heap of corner speed which has allowed her to push the bike into the turn.

She has opted for an outside line where she has found grip in the loam and a build up of dirt which is acting as a berm.

She has driven the bike up and out of the turn with plenty of power, changing direction at the same time by lifting the front wheel up and over the ruts that generally push you wide.

This is perfect technique to set her up for the next turn which is tight left hand and steep downhill drop-off, best taken from the tight inside line.

Kristy is weighting the outside peg for stability and to increase drive to the rear wheel. She is looking ahead, her body position is close to perfect with her upper body in the attack position with two fingers on the clutch lever to regulate the drive and control the wheelie.

On top of all of this, Kristy is leading with her inside leg to direct the bike across the ruts and preparing herself for touch down and the tight inside line she is about to take in the next turn.

This is a really good example of how someone of smaller stature can use techniques to maximize the power of their bike to achieve directional changes without brut force.

Kristy has scored a wildcard to line up on the starting gate in the Pro Lites class at round one of the MX Nationals and with style like this she definitely won’t be out of place.

Kristy Gillespie is also an assistant coach with the Motocross Advanced Coaching Academy.

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