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New development series for Far North Queensland riders


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Clubs in the North of the State have developed a series with a difference. It’s called the Far North Queensland Interclub Development Series and kicks off on July 6.

Cairns, Mareeba, Ravenshoe and Tully have teamed up to create the series, aimed at new riders who don’t want to travel to build their skills. Riders will get the chance to test out nearby tracks, and will be encouraged to join their neighbouring clubs.

For the first time in FNQ club history, coaching will be a major part of the series. Each Saturday of the event will see riders test the track with the aid of a professional coach.

Race Secretary Noela Matthews says the series is all about developing the skills of everyone involved in the sport.

“We want to develop the riders, help new coaches gain experience from one of the top coaches in Australia and better develop officials for our local clubs,” she says.

Classes will be similar to the A and C classes as seen in most Queensland events. They’ll be called Axle and Chain classes, and will give new riders a chance to win their first trophy.

There’s double the trophies, and double the classes. Each race will see the Axle and Chain classes ride side-by-side, but scored separately.

Director and Principal Coach from the Motocross Advanced Coaching Academy- Glenn Macdonald is proud to support this development series. Glenn will be coaching every weekend for the month of July, which is a huge commitment on his part.

Noela Matthews says the series is aimed at riders of all levels.

“Whether you are new or old, you can always learn more to ride safer, smoother and faster,” she says.

Classes will include:

Junior Classes
50cc Auto Demo 4-8 yrs
50cc Auto 7-8 yrs
65cc 7-9 yrs
65cc 10-12 yrs
Mini Lites (85cc) 9-11yrs
Mini Lites (85cc) 12-15 yrs
Junior Lites 13 – 15yrs

Senior Classes (16 yrs and over)
Lites 250cc 2/ & 250cc 4/
Open 255cc & over 2/ & 4/
Senior Ladies- Unlimited
Vets- Unlimited

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